Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Arpaia 101 on PIM

Confronted with and discomforted by the enormous knowledge gap in the current Australia retail industry, my missionary spirit is urged to share few angelical insights and resources to those who are battling against the business of living with the marketing materials from vendors, analysts, and consultants J

There you are: PIM is a business capability to ensure that organizations collaboratively author, enrich, and distribute accurate, consistent, and validated product information across all the distribution points.  

This is the best I can do with less than 25 words ;-) but it isn't marketing-friendly, is it? It does give you a lot to think about though (if you are an inquiring spirit). More assistance comes from the pieces linked below.

There’s a lot more on the internet but the above articles should give you a good foundation to separate bad from good, and good from great.

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